Are You Looking For Your Own Private Pool Without Chlorine -If So Casa Pino Solo Our Group Holiday Villa In Spain Has this For You – The Magna Pool !!!!! PLUS our pool is seasonally heated!

by Lisa, January 15, 2016

The Magna Pool system arrived brand new in Spain from Australia in January

2015 and after speaking to the experts we decided to be one of the first to
have this system installed at our holiday villa here in Iznajar Andalucia
We feel so privileged to have this new system at Casa Pino Solo and all our
guests who stayed with us in 2015 really noticed a massive difference to
their quality of their swimming experience with us and it was the most
exciting decision we made last year and have never looked back since.

Our swimming pool now runs with rejuvenating minerals instead of Chlorine –
Yes that means No More Chlorine -Just Pure Minerals!!

  1. The magnesium Chloride that is found in the Magna Pool minerals come from
    the Ocean.
  2. The Magna Pool has the combination of Magnesium and Potassium
    Chloride together
    which keeps the water crystal clear, and is healthy and silky smooth.
  3. This form of Magnesium has been found to assist your internal health and
    well as helping to relax your body and Mind.
  4. It can also help in detoxifying the body,reducing aches and pains and
    possible stress and anxiety relief,providing the muscles with energy,
  5. It is also known to be gentle on sensitive skin which will really help
    you and your body
  6. It will ultimately leave your skin feeling soft,radiant and smooth
  7. No need for goggles!!
  8. From the very first time you jump into our pool you can feel the
    difference – The water has a gentle, silky feeling on your skin. There is
    little or no irritation to your eyes. Your hair won’t need washing to get
    out that chlorine smell or have a sticky salt feeling associated with
    chlorine and saltwater pools -just pure bliss !!!!

For all of our guests on holiday at Casa Pino Solo you will no longer have
chlorine in the swimming pool but instead these amazing minerals…….you
will swim in our pool on your holiday and feel rejuvenated.

This is pure luxury for you and just gives you a feeling like when you
visit the spa for the day but its your private swimming pool and yours for
the whole duration of your holiday!!

If you have children in your group this pool is fantastic for their
delicate skin and there will be no irritations for them at all.
They can splash,play and swim in our pool to their hearts content and
adults can relax knowing their children do not need time limits in the
swimming pool.

We also seasonally heat our swimming pool so the months like end of
March,April,May,September and October you can swim at our villa where if
the pools in Europe are not heated these months you will not be able to get
a comfortable swim.
So with us you can swim in a gorgeous rejuvenating mineral pool that is
heated and really enjoy your holiday to its fullest potential.

If you want information on our villa to take advantage of these facilities
then do visit our website or e mail me direct on

Thanks Lisa
Lisa Derry
Casa Pino Solo

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