Group holidays in spain – iznajar villa for upto 20 people

by Lisa, May 9, 2013

Group holidays in Andalucía Spain can be fantastic for all sorts of people.

Big Family holiday villa in Spain

When you have a family and are thinking about a holiday wouldn’t it be nice to have gran, grandad, aunts and uncles and here at casapino solo we provide a large group holiday in spain for families, its much like staying in separate apartments as you all have your own rooms and tv. Only you can share the social times in the pool or having a BBQ. The choice is really yours. But with all the family around you can relax and know the children are always with someone they know! we offer villa hire for 10 or 20 people so the choice is yours really

Why not check out the cost of hiring a Spanish villa with us at casapino solo.

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