Magna Pool in Spain

by m3sm-Tracy, April 3, 2016

We are one of the first places in Spain to get the Magna Pool pool system installed in our swimming pool.
In 2015 this amazing system came over to Spain from Australia and after doing some research on the product we decided that we wanted this for our guests as it really was something special!
It was the best decision we ever made and it has made such a massive difference to our guests swimming experience at our villa Casa Pino Solo.


Well our swimming pool now runs with rejuvenating minerals and no chlorine. The Magnesium Chloride that is in the Magna Pool minerals comes from the Ocean. This form of magnesium has been found to assist your internal health and also helps to relax your body and mind!

It can help in detoxifying the body,reducing aches and pains and can also help in relieving stress and help the muscles gain energy.

This form of magnesium is known to be gentle on sensitive skin and can aid in helping skin conditions.

You can really feel the difference and it ultimately leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth and radiant. We tested this by sitting on the edge of the pool just having the water up to our calves. After 20 minutes we took our feet out of the pool and the feel of the skin was just incredible…….What a difference from the part of the leg in the water to the upper part not in the water!!!

for all our guests holidaying at our group villa in Iznajar Andalucia Spain you no longer have chlorine in the pool but instead these amazing minerals.
You will swim and feel rejuvenated and gain the benefits of the Magna Pool. This is pure luxury for our guests that no other villa around our area has and its all yours included in the price of your holiday rental.

You no longer need to use goggles and can enjoy the swimming experience day and night at Casa Pino Solo.

Look no further for your holiday to Spain with the family – we are here to welcome you Lisa and Nige xxxx