Making planning your wedding just that little bit easier…

by Lisa, March 31, 2014

Planning a wedding isn’t an easy job. There are many details to consider to make sure your perfect day is just how you’ve been dreaming of. But here are 4 ways Casapino Solo can help…

1. Casapino Solo can provide accommodation for stag and hen dues 

Here at Casapino Solo we welcome large groups stag and hen groups. We offer wonderful accommodation perfect for you along with plenty of activities to enjoy. You can book out our whole villa which fits groups up to 20, so no worrying about having to leave anybody behind! This means no sharing facilities and no restrictions with other guests. There is plenty to do at Casapino solo, whether it is celebrating and partying at the villa or participating in activities such as salsa classes, aqua aerobics and beauty treatments. If you prefer to go out to bars and night clubs you can find this in town. It is fit to suit everyone and Casapino guarantee the best service to make your stag/hen due just how you imagined – or even better!

2. Casapino solo can provide a wedding service and dinner

Casapino Solo love a good wedding, but more importantly understand how important your special day is. What could be better than spending your wedding service in sunny Iznajar? Perfect scenery for romantic photography, a great atmosphere and being surrounded by the sun and people who mean the most. We can give you the best wedding service at our stunning olive grove set villa in Iznajar Spain.

3. Casapino can provide a place for you to spend your honeymoon 

Thinking and deciding about where the best place to spend your honey moon is also a struggle you face when organising your wedding. Perhaps you want to get away from all the madness of your recent wedding, somewhere calm, away from everyone…
This is where Casapino can help. We provide a stunning honeymoon villa in Spain that could be perfect for you and your loved one. No sharing accommodation with other guests. Just the 2 of you. It has fantasic facilities, and we provide the very best service. You will be guaranteed a relaxing stay away. So why go through the stress of searching for somewhere to go when you can come and stay in Iznajar Spain at Casapino Solo? You won’t regret it.

4. Casapino’s amazing views are perfect for wedding photography

Our stunning villa’s are surrounded by beautiful views. The scenery is perfect for wedding photography. You can enjoy the sunset, the beach or just the wonderful surroundings. You will be sure to find a perfect scene to take your wedding pictures – make your day unforgettable.

So planning a wedding don’t have to be as hard as you think. Casapino Solo offer so much support for you and provide you the very best. Stop worrying and get in touch with us to find out more.

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