Hot Air Balloon Rides

Here at Casa Pino Solo we can now offer hot air balloon rides running from Antequera for a flight price per person of 195 euros.

These rides are a very special day out and also perfect presents for anyone staying in Spain for a special occasion.The minimum

amount of people per flight is 5.

Balloon Flights Spain is a company located in Spain and dedicated to arranging the perfect Hot Air Balloon Ride for you in whichever region of Spain.
Many people think that a hot air balloon flight will be noisy and windy, when in fact it is the opposite! As you are moving with the wind you won’t be able to feel any, and apart from the quiet whisper from the burner and the sounds from the countryside below, your journey is virtually silent!


Your day begins around 08.00, depending on the season, when you will be advised where to meet the crew. All the meteorological checks will be carried out to ensure that conditions will be perfect for your flight, such as wind direction and speed. The balloon will then be removed from its bag and miraculously transformed to its full majestic size after a cold inflation with a fan, and later with the burners. When everything is ready, your hot air balloon flight will begin and you can say “goodbye” to terra firma for an hour or so and enjoy the exhilarating views. When a suitable place to land has been spotted, the descent to reality will begin as the balloon glides gently back to the ground. While you wait for the retrieve crew the balloon will be packed away and a glass of champagne enjoyed by all including the pilot!