Yoga Classes


Here in Iznajar we have a fully qualified yoga teacher who has a wonderful studio only 5 minutes from Casa Pino Solo overlooking the lake and will happily offer yoga classes here up to 8 people.
The Yoga that is practised is called Vinyasa Flow!

Vinyasa flow is a more energetic type of yoga with sequenced poses which are linked with synchronised breath and movement, as opposed to more traditional Hatha style yoga. However she will adapt the classes to suit the needs of the students and the result is often a blend of the two.

The price is 10 euros per person for a 90 minutes session and the numbers must be 4 and above for a class to take place, (you are required to bring your yoga mat with you to take part at this moment but may be supplied included in the future)

If your group is larger than the studio will hold then it is possible for me to arrange the classes to be at Casa Pino Solo and just ask for information regarding yoga when you contact me so I can arrange it for you.

All proceeds from the yoga classes are donated to GPAR which is the Iznajar local dog charity so by booking for your relaxation you will also be helping in a fantastic cause in the area.

Insurance in the UK is cheap and easy to get but not available here in Spain so yoga class attenders are to acknowledge this and sign a brief form to say that they are participating at their own risk.