Walking in Sierra Nevada

Monachil – Cahorroswlaking holiday sierra nevada spain

With its wild flowers, fruit trees heavy with apricots, almonds, cherries, apples and pomegranates, a cascading river and lavender, thyme and rosemary, the lush Monachil valley is a beautiful area for walking. Kids will love the hanging bridges and the dramatic gorge, and this walk is particularly recommended when the flowers are out in spring and when the leaves turn gold in autumn.

  • Length 7.8 km
  • Time 2 h 30 mins
  • Min/Max Altitude 805 m /1123 m
  • height difference 400 m
  • All year Round

Getting There

By Car: From Granada, take the Vergeles/La Zubia/CÃjar/Monachil exit from the A-395 southern ring road (Ronda Sur). At the roundabout, take the exit for Monachil and CÃjar. Follow this road for roughly 6 km, past a roundabout and two sets of traffic lights, until you reach the village of Monachil. After you enter the village, cross the bridge and park. Alternatively, carry on past the village for about half a kilometre until you see a round, flat parking area on your right. Walk a few metres back down the hill and start the walk at point 3.

By bus: Service 183 goes to Monachil approx. once an hour Monday – Friday. On Saturdays, the service is mornings only, and there is no service on Sundays. Services 181 and 182 go more frequently to Barrio Monachil, but this is some way short (approx. 2km) of Monachil village. See www.treksierranevada.com/getting-around for more info and links to current timetables.

1. Walk through the village along the river, and follow the main road up to the left.

2. About 100m after the road turns left, turn right onto a concrete side road that goes steeply up.

3. At the top of the steep hill there is restaurant on your right. Continue on the dirt road, which is signposted to Los Cahorros.

4. Follow this road until you get to another restaurant and take the path to the right just in front of it (also sign-posted). After a further 100m bear right towards Cahorros Bajos, heading slightly downhill. Follow the path along the acequia (irrigation channel).

Once you have crossed a second hanging bridge, turn right and then cross a much longer bridge. A sign here warns that only up to four people can cross at once.

5. The path takes you across a hanging bridge, then up some steps. Follow the steps round to the left, staying on the main path

6. This is the most spectacular part of the walk, but the path through the gorge is quite awkward in some sections due to lack of head clearance. Make use of the metal handles set into the rock.

Once you come out of the end of the gorge, turn left across the river.

7. The path winds uphill. After about 700m there are some wooden signposts. Keep on the main track towards Monachil and Purche.

8. After a further 800m you reach the top of the hill and there is another signpost marking Azuelas and Cno. Revoltilla Purche.

Ignore these signs and bear left on the main track.

9. Keep on the main track, ignoring farm tracks turning off to the left.

When you get to wooden signs for Purche Est. De Esqui and Azuelas Hazallana, turn left (again taking the unmarked route).

10. Again, keep on the main track, ignoring farm accesses and signed footpaths to the left. After less than 2km, you will see a car park and the main road ahead of you. Join the main road briefly and then return to the village the way you came (by the side road past the restaurant).

If you have a car, is also possible to start and end the walk here.