Finding the perfect Spanish Holiday Villa for your family

by Lisa, July 31, 2014

Are you looking for your ideal Spanish Holiday Villa?

We know what its like when going on family holidays, especially if there is a large group of you. It is difficult to keep the whole crowd entertained and a struggle finding something to do to suit you all. But what if it didn’t have to be like that? What if there really was something for you all? 

Here at Casapino Solo we are always looking for ways to make our customers satisfied and happy and we have ensured that when staying in our villa’s there is something for everyone.

What type of person are you? What do you love most about going on holiday? Is it to relax and get away from the stress and reality for a while? Is it for spending time with your loved ones? Or maybe its just a time to let go and enjoy yourselves? Whatever you love doing, you can be sure you will be able do it at Casapino Solo.

One of the main features of our villa is that it is wheelchair accessible. The surface is flat and easy to get around, we have large bedrooms made specifically for the disabled, with a spacey wet room to ensure comfort. We have even thought about the more minor but important features. We have included a handrail by the toilet and a chair in the wet room, and even put in some wide doors in the kitchen. That’s right – we really wasn’t joking when we told you there is something here for everybody. It don’t stop there. If you need any extra equipment we will help you find and hire the equipment suitable for you, as after all we want you to have the best experience you could possibly dream of.

Looking for thrills?

If you are looking for a bit of excitement or maybe even something new whilst on your holiday we can provide you with that. We can offer quad biking, hot air balloon rides and snowboarding. However, snowboarding is only available from mid December til the end of March.

Looking for relaxation?

Looking for relaxation this holiday? We provide a range of beauty treatments ranging from €5  – €35. We offer such a variety of treatments which you can find more information on here.

Of course, nothing is more relaxing than sitting by the pool, and we generally have weather* in abundance to do that (*no guarantees of course). With a small library of books to choose from, or a quiet game of cards… relaxing could not be more simple.

Looking for Teen fun? 

Poolside fun is great for teens. A game of pool, a quick swim, a safe place to walk outside of the villa for teenage independence, a short drive and the lakeside beach offers a different sort of entertainment altogether. Local bars in the evening offering music, food and beverages. What more could your teenage offspring want?

Looking for Toddler Fun?

We know children can get bored easily but here in Iznajar there’s no need to worry about trying to keep them entertained.

Horse Riding lessons are available for children of all ages! The newly built stables are situated in Cortijo Las Minas which is just 10 minutes from Casa Pino Solo so you can either take part in hour rides, day sessions or even weekend long lessons.

Your toddler not interested in Horse Riding? Why not head down to Valdearenas Beach where your kids can bath in water or play for hours on the sandy beach.

We know that it can be a challenge to keep a variety of ages entertained so here at Casa Pino Solo we have given you some tips in order to help make your holiday as relaxed and stress free as possible.




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