Spanish Villa Rental Process

by m3sm-Tracy, September 5, 2016

We keep everything very simple and organised when booking our beautiful Spanish Villa rental here in Iznajar Andalucia Spain.

Firstly we will give you full information regarding booking our villa and then you can decide if your going ahead and we will take a non refunable deposit.

You will immediately get a contract and your holiday dates will be removed from all of our calendars

We will then ask you to provide us with your flight details for all passengers in case you are travelling in separate groups so we can plan for your arrival date

We also ask you to provide us with every persons full name and ages in their couples/families/singles so we can create a sleep plan that suits each individual perfectly for your stay. this is when we require you to tell us if you have any special needs like cots/high chairs/ chair for access bathroom etc

A little closer to your holiday we will cover in full details…

1) Where to hire your cars from that is the best at that time
2) Where to get transfers from if you prefer this
3) We will offer you a full shopping service for a small fee and you end us your list and it is fetched and put in the villa for your arrival
4) We will enquire if you want any hot food deliveries delivering to the villa and get your orders placed with the local relevant restaurants
5) You will be offered the local beautician for pamper days and this will be booked in for you

We will also send you full directions to get to the villa easily without having to rely on GPS as it is not always good but our directions get you to us perfectly

We ask every person over the age of 18 to bring a colour photo copy of their passports with them to hand to me on arrival as we need this for our license and have to input the information in to the guardia central website on the day you arrive

The villa will always be ready for you to enter at 3pm on the Saturday arrival date and the latest vacation time on your final day is 10am so we have 5 hours to clean the villa for the next arrivals.

We are very very organised and our villa runs like clockwork and a big advantage of booking with us is we are in the area and manage the villa ourselves. We do not employ people to manage it on our behalf and we feel this gives us an advantage as our service is top quality because we own the villa and want everything to be perfect for you.