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Celebrate the approaching new year by booking a stay at our spanish holiday villa

Spanish Holiday VillaThinking ahead to the New Year is always exciting. A time for change and a fresh start. It is pretty often that people use the phrase “I’m definitely going to do that next year” whether its festivals, holidays, trips… it is almost certain that you have an idea of what you want the new year to bring.

So why not start thinking about next years holiday? It’s all a bit doom and gloom looking back and realising your summer is over, you may even have holiday blues! But why not be prepared and find something to look forward to?

Having a countdown to a holiday really is one of the most exiting things – so why don’t you begin your count down for next year with Casapino Solo!

So… what can Casapino Solo’s Spanish Holiday Villa really bring to you…

Here at Casapino Solo we have made sure our villa is suitable for everyone. Some of our features include…

  • Wheelchair accessible facilities
  • Wedding receptions
  • Family villas
  • Group villas
  • Child friendly villas


Along with the flexibility of the Spanish accommodation being fit for everyone we offer Leisure activities including aqua aerobics, fishing, kayaking, horse riding and much more…

So what will Casapino’s iznajar holiday be for you next year?

Child friendly villa spain

Accomodation for your family celebrations

Stag party holiday

Accessible for the disabled

Place to relax

Iznajar holiday accommodation rental

Newly wedded? Wedding villa in Spain

Off on holiday for some thrills and excitement

Somewhere for your Christmas holiday Spain

Out to find some beautiful views and scenery?

Large group holiday Andalucia

Or maybe its just time to try something new!

To find out more on our Spanish holiday villa visit our website at www.casapinosolo.com 

Why wait? The countdown begins now!






Published Date: 7th October 2014
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Top review for our group holiday Andalucia

Group Holiday Andalucia – One of our top reviews!

#Review #6696188 “Sheer brilliance!”

Cannot fault it. In general, I am a typical Brit who can moan about almost anything, but Nigel and Lisa go above and beyond for their guests. With so many things to worry about on your wedding day they helped make it relaxed enough for me to be playing pool with less than half an hour to go. The outside catering was amazing and left me fat and happy just from trying everything on the table. More generally the villa was fantastic and Nigel and Lisa were so welcoming we did not want to go back to the UK. We will definitely be making many return visits (at least until they get bored of us)


Published Date: 10th September 2013
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