Beauty Treatments

Sarah Jackson is our beauty therapist at Casa Pino Solo who is readily available to provide fantastic treatments you will never forget!
Please ensure you book early for your pamper day as Sarah gets booked up way in advance – Once you have booked your villa holiday at Casa Pino Solo I will check to see if you want to have a pamper day during your stay and then put you in contact with Sarah.
Sarahâ found the best way to help others and she is fully trained and qualified for all the treatments she does and offers wonderful pamper days at Casa Pino Solo during your stay with us. You can feel confident knowing that Sarahâ’s broad skills and knowledge, applied with a great depth of experience, empathy and understanding will offer you the most amazing treatments to enjoy on your holidays. Sarah will come direct to the villa during your holiday to complete your pamper day with her team and this is something not to miss out on.
Below is some information on the benefits for Sarahs treatments and her price list


Massage has been used for centuries to relieve muscular pain and evoke a sense of well being. Sarah offers a wide range of massage techniques; from deep tissue massage for pain relief to hot stone massage and Indian head massage for profound relaxation. Whether you suffer from headaches, neck and shoulder pain, lower back pain, stiff or painful legs or even poor circulation, Sarah can provide a massage to suit your needs.


Sarah herself has experienced profound healing as a result of Reiki. Now a practicing Reiki Master, she offers clients the opportunity to discover the benefits of this beautiful healing energy themselves. Reiki energies induce profound relaxation as well as balancing and harmonising the body, physically, emotionally and spiritually. As it is the client that draws in the energy through the therapist, the client is guaranteed to get what they need!

Beauty Treatments

Whether you choose to enjoy a luxurious Dermo-Microbrasion facial treatment, using natural products made by La Finca, Malaga, or simply need to tame your unruly eyebrows, Sarah has the beauty treatment for you.BEAUTY TREATMENTS 3

PRICE LIST  please ask for latest pricing